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    Photoshop cc, creative cloud, etc. won't open


      I'm using a MacPro running OS10.8.5.


      Starting this morning I no longer have access to photoshop cc/ cc2014 or any other creative cloud applications on the above computer.


      When I try to open PS cc2014, I first get asked to agree to the terms of use. (This is new behavior.) I check okay and get an error message saying Adobe Application Manager quit unexpectedly, with a lengthy set of events recorded. When I try to open a Lightroom file in photoshop cc2014, I get the same message. When I try to open a program through Creative Cloud manager, I get Error Starting Creative Cloud; cookies dir: cannot make folder/cookies: Permission denied error 13.


      I tried the solution in the thread below (changing permissions).




      I set it the Adobe file in Library (as suggested) so the administrator (me), my user name, staff, and everyone had permission. But I still couldn't open any cc application.


      I am running photoshop cc2014 etc. on a laptop without an problem.


      I'd appreciate any suggestions. Matt Hale