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    Fireworks 8 on OS X font problems and Solutions

    Tazmun Level 1
      Hi All

      I had a problem with my Fireworks 8 and being able to switch fonts. The list would scroll very slowly and sooner or later crash Fireworks. If I tried to open an PSD file with text in it I would crash not only my Fireworks program but the entire computer as well. For the most part I have resolved this problem and have to give a big thumbs up for a free program called "Font Nuke". You can Google for it and I am in no way affiliated with this program or it's agents in any way. Just a Fireworks user desperate for a fix. After running this program to clean my font caches and rebooting my Fireworks now works almost perfectly including opening Photoshop CS2 PSD files containing text. The only font problem I have not cured by this quick fix is for some reason one font "Brush Script MT" will not work. It also does not give a preview of this font. The font does work in other programs including photoshop. I have ran all the tests in "Font Book" on it and nothing seems to be wrong with the font Brush Script MT.

      My platform is OS X 10.49 on G5 MAC with 1.5 Gb ram. I hope this might be of use to others having font problems here, but also hoping someone might have an idea of why the one font does not work with Fireworks 8.