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    Subset font missing glyf table


      When saving a PDF with InDesign if there is a TrueType font where the only used character is a space, the resulting embedded TrueType subset is missing the 'glyf' table. Acrobat seems OK with this but it causes problems with other tools.


      For example, Ghostscript cannot re-encode the font since important information is missing. At least one of our printers fails to print the file. As I understand it every font needs a 'glyf' table for at least the .notdef glyph and maybe more.


      This is an odd case with an easy workaround but as we have clients giving us files from external agencies it incurs a lot of delay because we usually won't realise the problem until printing fails, and we have to go back to the source to get it fixed.


      Is this a bug, or considered valid? Acrobat not complaining is not really any indicator since it accepts many broken files. I've checked this with CS6 and CC 2014.