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    You've got to be kidding me. Nothing fixes CC desktop for Mac?


      Have literally tried every "fix" for the dreaded blue spinner for CC desktop. Apps panel WILL NOT load (has been going on for a week). Wouldn't work in Mavericks so I updated to Yosemite...still nothing. Apps panel doesn't load and then times out and closes the desktop app (which is the only way to quit the program...normally that option is grayed out). Have uninstalled and re-install a dozen times. Tried the AAMUpdater thing...the OOBE thing...updated Java...EVERYTHING. Still won't work. What's worse...CC cleaner app uninstalled my other CC programs so I'm left with nothing (I uninstalled all CS5 programs I had still installed because THAT was supposed to work). This is absolutely ridiculous that this still isn't fixed. I should have to be uninstalling programs and messing with root folders. Adobe, I'm a huge fan and daily user of your software, but I cannot do my freelance work because of this SNAFU. Please fix.