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    Can I set up Mac OS Yosemite or Lightroom so when a card is detected Lightroom opens?

    3catz Level 1

      In prior versions of the Mac OS, I have had trouble finding out how to set it up so that when a camera card is detected, Lightroom opens up.  So I had to turn on LR and then put the card in the reader.


      I have no loaded iPhoto, but when I plug in a card and LR is not on, Image Capture automatically opens up.  I cannot find any place for IC preferences that allows me to turn off its automatically opening up when a card is inserted.  When I click on "services/service preferences" in IC, it opens to Mac system preferences/keyboard/shortcuts/ which shows "pictures" shortcuts.  Unchecking some or all such shortcuts does nothing. And Image Capture help is almost devoid of content. 


      In LR CC, I find no place under preferences to make LR the default app to open when a card is detected.  And "services/services preferences" in LR leads to the same shortcuts mentioned above.


      What am I missing?