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    photoshop hotkeys not responding after making a stroke


      So this is whats happening;


      I use Photoshop to paint with. I will draw a line with the brush tool, and I want to cmd+z to get rid of the line, but when I push cmd+z nothing happens. But if I hold the space-bar and move the canvas a bit, the hotkey will then work. But this problem happens with every single hotkey, every single time I make a stroke, which is EXTREMELY frustrating. I can't be moving the canvas after every stroke through a painting, it is just really annoying.


      Please can anyone help! I'm working with the latest CS6 as well as the latest OS X Yosemite on an iMac and my keyboard is wired. I am also going to submit for help at Apple, because I have no idea if it is the software or the OS. If anyone out there is dealing with this same problem, or has found a fix for it, please tell me asap!