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    New Problem creating a desktop shortcut to photoshop 2014 causes the program to break?


      After getting fed up of waiting for adobe CC to finally finish buffering I thought I'd create a desktop shortcut to Photoshop (To save time). After doing this I doubled clicked on the shortcut and after 15 minutes of waiting I realized something was wrong double clicking again and watching the task manager I noticed Photoshop appear for half a second under background processes and then disappear entirely. So I then tried to launch Photoshop 2014 from Adobe CC under Installed Apps and this does the exact same thing. Both links to Photoshop now don't work and just sit there.

      I would appreciate some help and I am also getting increasingly tired of ongoing problems with the software..........(I still have 30 days well 28 to cancel this subscription and simply buy a disk version of CS6)


      Please help!


      Or if you cant help how do i get in contact with someone at adobe?