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    live filtering

      I want to have a text input that every time the user enter a charcher the data grid will automatically update to reflect the letters in the text input(i.e the user inputs an 'a' then only entries starting with a are left and so on)..I know i need to set a filer function but i am a little lost after that...The datagrid is being populated by an external xml file by using an http service call...

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          babo_ya Level 3
          Not exactly sure what you are trying to do.
          But, if I understood correctly.

          <TextInput id='myInput' change='updateBindableVariable();'>

          .... and create something like this...
          public var bindableVariable:String;

          public function updateBindableVariable():void
          bindableVariable = myInput.text;

          and bind 'bindableVariable' to your DataGrid.

          Hope this helps.

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            Gboro54 Level 1
            i am essential trying to filter out rows by seraching the data grid using a text input box...The only thing i am trying to do is as the user types the datagrid changes and gets rid of the rows who don't meet the criteria:ie
            lets say the data grid had:

            and the user input t, when that is don the datagrid should automaticatly change to


            Now if the user input an e then the data grid would go to

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              BLXWebMaster Level 1
              There are many ways to accomplish this. This article gives a pretty good overview of many methods to filter your XML.