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    Masked artwork can't be clicked to edit from the main stage

    travisbrainerd Level 3

      I have a pretty minor but still frustrating bug report for Flash CC. Some visible artwork that is masked in a symbol cannot be clicked on from the main stage to edit the symbol.


      Steps to reproduce bug:

      1. In a new document, make a new rectangle shape. Convert it to a graphic.

      2. Make the layer a mask layer.

      3. Make a new layer and draw a rectangle. Parent this layer to the mask.

      4. Expand the timeline so there is more than one frame. Insert a blank keyframe on the mask layer ONLY. Exit the symbol

      5. Insert frames to expand the timeline of the layer containing the symbol.

      Results: You cannot click into the symbol from the main stage on the frames where the mask is hidden. The artwork is visible, but you cannot click on it to edit the symbol. You have to navigate to one of the frames where the mask is active, and click the masked part of the artwork.

      Expected results: You should be able to click ANY visible artwork on the main stage as long as the layer containing the symbol isn't locked.