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    Cineware workflow

    Nick Papps Level 1

      When I'm in After Effects I create a comp and choose "Layer"-->"New"-->"Maxon C4D File" when I'm ready to use C4D for my project.  I then just hit CMD+E to open C4D.  Even with 3D tracking I use this method.   But, in all the tutorials I've seen, the instructors always seem to use "Cinema 4D Exporter."   What is the advantage of using the C4D Exporter over the method I usually use?  I find it's faster and with less steps the way I'm doing it.  But I was just curious what the difference is.




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, aside from simple personal preferences this is simply a matter of performance. Nobody I know even uses Cineware because beyond the most basic stuff like an extruded text or logo it gets so slow, it is literally unworkable. That's pretty much what it comes down to using this alternate workflow, even if it may seem old fashioned. You simply can work much more efficiently by keeping things separate in both programs.



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            Nick Papps Level 1

            Ah okay got it.  Thanks.  I see, so it's really a matter of preference etc.