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    It happened again.. Adobe, please HELP an ongoing issue. Extension Mananger CC apps dissapeared again.

    PeterJohnJoseph Level 1

      Adobe, please, this is an ongoing issue that not only have I been dealing with, but clearly tons more are having the same problem.  You can reference this post by me, as well another posted by myself a week earlier for the background on my situation. A look around this forum and others around the internet will show this is clearly a problem multiple people are having, and we're loosing money on extensions we've payed for in the process. Extension Manager no longer shows applications after update to


      To summarize- I'm running OS X 10.7.5, and Extension Manager The problem is that my Creative Cloud applications are not being found by the Extension Manager, therefore I can not install or use plugins or extensions that rely on it. The only thing that shows up in the left-hand column is "Other". I've had Creative Cloud for close to two years and it appears this began when I updated Extension Manager to its current version. As you'll read in the post above, if I install an older version of Extension Manager my applications will appear in the left-hand column and everything works fine. The other day for a second time in a two week span, I uninstalled all of my apps, ran CC Cleaner, deleted anything else I could find related to Adobe, and started over. I thought my problem was finally solved, as my applications were showing up in Extension Manager, even with the update to, but once again, two days later, they've dissapeared again, and not signing in and out of CC, deleting the Database file, or restarting the computer is solving the problem.


      I've ran Extend Script Toolkit to make sure the correct paths were being shown under the "Targets" column for Extension Manager. I've reinstalled everything twice. I've checked and doubled checked the internet for solutions. Nothing is working, and I'm clearly not the only one frustrated by this. I can't waste anymore time uninstalling everything and hoping it just might work on a whim. I run a business that relies on my Adobe applications and certain plugins and extensions working correctly in order to live. I've called Customer Support and posted twice on this board and gotten the same responses others have received in similar threads. This is obviously a deeper issue, so if someone could possibly dig a little deeper, ask me questions, maybe we can work together to find the solution for this. I'll run whatever diagnostics you want. I'll give you an information you want, answer any questions, just please don't leave this open ended.


      Thank you.