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    Debugging Tips needed


      I am new to Flex and trying to get a sample application I downloaded from the internet working on my local machine.

      When I run the application in my web browser I get the login form made in flex then when I try to log in I get a pop message with this error inside.


      Data Communication Error

      HTTP Request error

      The application I downloaded is using SOAP to communicate with my webserver. How do I debug the flex application in order to figure out why I am getting this "HTTP Request error"?

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          parallaxed Level 1
          Look in the code of the application you downloaded to see where this error prompt is generated from. The location of that in the code should give you an idea about what's going wrong.

          Given the nature of the message the fault could fall into any number of categories. You'll need to post a link to the app code if you want further help.

          You can use Ethereal to tap the wire if you want to see what the Flash player is doing at a lower level.
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            jakeconk Level 1
            Basically where it is failing is at a part where the flex app is trying to get the results of a method from a SOAP page. Can I use ethereal on Mac OS X and how would I use ethereal to tap in to see what the flash player is doing?