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    Buttons within a movieclip

    Teezi42 Level 1
      Hello wise, all-knowing Flash Gurus!

      I've designed a little slide-out menu in a movieclip. The buttons in this movieclip link to the main timeline's scenes. The buttons link to the main timeline but never to the correct scene i've specified. It's mighty frustrating. I've tried changing the scene to which it links, but it always goes to the same one (and it's not the first scene either).

      Here's the code on my frame action for the buttons:

      fp1button.onRelease = function(){
      tellTarget(_flash0) gotoAndPlay("fp1")}

      fp2button.onRelease = function(){
      tellTarget(_flash0) gotoAndPlay("fp2")}

      fp3button.onRelease = function(){
      tellTarget(_flash0) gotoAndPlay("fp3")}

      Any help will be GREATLY appreciated

      South Africa