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    CRX operations giving error when invoking from Form


      Hi All,


      I am facing a weird problem while invoking CRX operations from the form.

      I have a submit button on the form where on clicking that button I am calling a LiveCycle process. The LiveCycle process which I am calling contains CRX opeartions like CreateFolder and StoreContent. I have a string variable that is the input to this process and the issue is that when I am calling this process from the form I am getting a error saying "Unable to locate [/]". But if i call the process by giving the input string within the workbench then the process is getting executed without any error.

      I am not able to figure the reason behind this since I am giving the same input to the process from the form and within the workbench.


      Could anyone please let me know if you have any inputs on this?