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    Recovering deleted Lightroom catalogue




        I recently accidentally managed to format one of my internal hard drives containing photos and my Lightroom catalogue. Thankfully I had most of my photos backed up, although not quite up to date, but some recovery software managed to recover those that weren't.

      Unfortunately, and very foolishly (lesson learnt), I didn't have my Lightroom catalogue backed up. I used a software recovery program called Recuva which located and recovered my photos but failed to find the Lightroom catalogue. I tried a different piece of software called Puran File Recovery and this successfully found and recovered all of my photos also. It also found and recovered my Lightroom catalogue and all of Lightroom's preview files but unfortunately the catalogue doesn't appear to hold any information (0 bytes) as can be seen in the screenshot below;


      Puran File Recovery results.PNG


      Does anyone have any idea why this is and could anyone advize me  please on the best way to get back my Lightroom catalogue? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.