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    seriouscodecreator Level 2

      How do you delete the preloader? i think it is causing loading problems with my content & I want to delete it altogether. All references to it. Thanks


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          Bharadwaj Level 2

          From stage under the preloader tab in the properties. Click on Edit

          Deleting the contents under the preloader symbol from the elements panel will remove the preloader.


          BTW, what issues are you facing using the preloader

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            seriouscodecreator Level 2



            The problems I was having was that the page would not load. It would hang sporadically on the preloader. Try hitting refresh several times on a composition & see if you can duplicate my problem. This was a brand new project from scratch with very little animation or elements & a very short timeline - 10 seconds. It did it on more than one project too. I did upgrade my Edge Animate from an older version so it was not a totally new install.


            When i took out the preloader my problems disappeared. And that included the project that I used your answer on.  Thanks again, sometime i am blind.



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              Hello seriouscodecreator. I have the same problem as you can see in this post: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1648309 I encourage you to disclose your problem in that post so that we can gather our ideas together and solve it quickly.