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    Inconsistent print dialog position when using the Adobe PDF plugin for Web Browsers




      As the title states, I have got very odd behavior when calling the Adobe Print dialog from JavaScript. The most common problem being in Chrome where the print dialog appears in various random positions in the screen and most often behind the browser window. A similar problem can be found with Internet Explorer as well, where the print dialog appears below or almost to the end of the bound of the screen (near the windows task bar). The JavaScript function that I used to execute the print is :


      this.print({bUI: true, bSilent: false, bShrinkToFit: true, bPrintAsImage: true});


      The adobe plugin version being used is

      Chrome Version : 38.0.2125.104 m

      Internet Explorer Version : 11.0.9600.16663

      Interested to know if anyone has come across this inconsistency and if there are any workarounds for this.