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    quiz help please!!!


      I m working on flash quiz based flash learning interactions. I used flash quiz template to build it. i stripped down all the interactions but hotspot. So all the questions are based on hotspot. And allowed users to get the right answer with 2 tries. The problem is flash gets the first try always wrong after a reset than accepts the right answer (which is the intended one in component inspector) You can dowload the fla file from the url (www.shaytac.net/down/hotspot.fla) i would appreciate any feedback ..

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          Looks like you only completed the first hotspot question. In order to have questions 2-6 work you'd have to create new HS_Area movie clips and input new instance names. Search the web for Using Flash MX Learning Interactions and follow the instructions - they'll walk you through the process. Hope that helps you.
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            I see
            But when you click on the intended object(right answer) for the second time(after clicking reset) it marks it right which it suppose to do for the first time.