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    Inhalt an Originalposition einfügen, bei unterschiedlichen Druckbögen


      Ich würde gerne den Inhalt einer Seite von einem einseitigem Druckbogen auf einen mehrseitigem Druckbogen einfügen, ALLERDINGS in der gleichen Position einer Seite des Druckbogen.


      Erstens, kann man verstehen, was ich machen will ( ) und zweitens, hab ich da nur was in den Einstellungen übersehen, oder geht das einfach nicht?



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That will not work with one single command. A combination of "Paste in Place" plus a "Move" will possibly do it. And the right formula for the move.
          Double sided documents and single sided documents are really different when it comes to "Paste In Place".


          Also: It depends, if the pages are of different size or position on the spread (after you have possibly used the Pages Tool with inDesign CS5 or above or not).


          It's unclear to me what you exactly mean by "same position". "Same position" in regards to what?

          To the middle of the page? The middle of the spread? The left edge, the right edge, the lower, the upper edge of what, the left page or the right page?

          Are the pages scaled? (CS6 and above) That will complicate the task.


          Please show me a screen shot what you want to accomplish. Maybe we can find a script around to do what you want.

          But we also have to consider other factors:

          Baseline grid and is there text that is using this?

          Are there stories that are threaded from spread to spread?


          And finally: What version of InDesign are you on?