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    weird problem with animation




      I'm using the new version, and this is a file made with the previous version.







      As you can see it is a map with places. If you click a place an overlay appears. If you click another place, the old one goes away, the new one shows up... nothing fancy. I had this working perfectly, but now the code is not right anymore after the upgrade:



      on every place I used to have this code:

      /*   var current=sym.getVariable("current");if(current!=""){sym.getSymbol(current).play("out");}   */


      to animate OUT any current overlay and there is also an action to animate IN the selected plase... But that code is NOT showing in animate (eventhough it does still work)



      My problem is this:


      I had to add 3 ORANGE places and they are not working... or more correctly, I cannot select the orange ones FIRST (nothing happens) but if I select an "old" place first (and the overlay shows up) and THEN select an orange button, it DOES animate correctly!



      very weird...




      Would someone please have a look.


      thanks, j