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    As soon as I import a video from Aftereffects to Premiere, video starts shaking. After exporting too.


      > I created a video (small animation) on aftereffects including a lot of text.

      > exported it in avi and .mov

      > try to import it in Premiere.


      I noticed it only when I exported it but some parts are shaking.

      I looked at the original parts of the video in VLC, no shaking at all.


      I try to import it directly from AE, same problem happening, making the text impossible to read.

      I used various format and it doesn't seems to work either


      So it is not a problem from the video parts but from the import in my premiere project


      Do I have to change codec or somethings, or have some import settings changed? Sorry I am a total beginner :s

      Thank u very much in advance


      the properties of the video part not working :




      29,97 (image frequency)

      0,9091 L/H in pixel