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    general  questions

    vasilisnikolo Level 1

      hello  i  interest  about  lightroom.i  have  some  questions:

      1)when  we  expect  new  version?(v6 )

      2) can  i  remove  an  object  like  content aware fill  do  in  photoshop  and  cyberlink  photodirector?

      3)can  i  adjust  a   spesific  area  of  picture?(change  tone,contrast  or  anything  else).i  use  until  know  gimp  ,  and  i  could  with  a  lasso enclosed  an  area  and  make  changes  to  this  area  not  in  all  picture.sorry  for  my  bad  english.

      4)is  there  any  email  support  from  official  adobe?

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          dj_paige Level 9

          1. Nobody knows

          2. It depends on what the object is and what the background is, spots against a blue sky are easily removed in Lightroom, but other objects are difficult if not impossible to remove

          3. You can adjust specific areas of a picture by brushing; Photoshop has many more tools for this

          4. I don't know

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            A-1:  There was a LR6 book listing on Amazon Germany back in the spring with a book release date listed in the early fall of this year.  That book listing is still there, but now its release date is March next year.  If the date could change once, then it can change again, so Adobe may not know what their target date is for LR6, and if they do, they won’t publically announce it, in case they change their mind.


            A-2:  Here is an example of the enhanced spot removal tool in LR5, where if you’re lucky it works like the CAF in PS:




            A-3:  The Adjustment Brush and Radial Filter and Gradient tools all allow applying effects to less than the entire image.


            A-4:  Adobe does have Chat and Phone support options available for some kinds of actual problems with installing or licensing, and these Community Forums for more general questions, like you’re asking now.  I haven’t seen a support e-mail address listed anywhere.