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    Content Generation Error in InDesign


      "Content Generation Error" in InDesign-every time I try to preview my document I get the following message:[Error: The assets for one or more overlays could not be located. Verify the assets used are available on disk, then update the article.]. Everything was working fine perfectly just the other day when all I did was preview it in InDesign.  I can't think of anything that I could have done to ruin it.  All my links appear to be fine, and so far I've gone through and stripped most of the document to find the problem but it won't work unless I take out 99 percent of the document.  It seems to have multiple issues and appears to be an entire corrupted document rather than just a few issues with MSOs. The document consists of five pages with vertical and horizontal layouts and I have slideshows, scrollable frames, and multi-state objects but no audio.