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    Hidden Font

    nellbern Level 1

      I'm having a major issue. I'm getting this message:

      The selected font is applied to hidden conditional text or applied to txt in a locked story, or is part of a composite font. Some instances of the font may not be found, or may be not changed.


      The fonts causing this issues are Times (T1) & Times (TT). I tried to load these fonts to avoid the missing message but it doesn't work.  I inhered this problem. They are used on invisible spaces. ID doesn't let me replace them. I have a batch script that will create PDFs & it checks for fonts & images if they are missing. Is there any way to specifically tell applescript only for this instances of these fonts when found to ignore them. I still want to find missing fonts but if one these is found to continue because I know for sure they are not really used.


      This is part of the code I have for missing fonts

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"

      --check missing fonts
                 set myfontprop to properties of every font

                 set font_list to {}

                 repeat with i from 1 to the number of myfontprop

                     set this_font_item to item i of myfontprop

                     set myfontname to name of this_font_item as string

                     set fontstatus to status of this_font_item as string

                     set font_list to font_list & fontstatus

                 end repeat

                 if font_list contains "not available" then

                     close active document saving no

                 else if font_list contains "substituted" then

                                 close myDocument saving no


                 end if

      exit repeat--(exit the repeat so it can continue with the next ID document

      end tell