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    New Project will not save, re-open with accurate or matching audio and video.


      I filmed footage last week. Uploaded it into Premiere Elements and edited the footage in Elements, and saved my work as a project. I opened Elements this morning, and upon opening my saved project I was prompted by the program to locate the file. When I then selected the raw footage files, it loaded the project, but with audio and video out of order, not synced, etc.


      How do I save my work as a stand-alone project file with the audio and video synced as I intended, in a format that I can load, share, re-open and work on without having to re-locate the raw video?


      This seems to be a basic function of Video Editing software, so I hope it is something small I can adjust and move on from. Oh Also all the files, both project (.prel) and raw footage (.mov) are saved on the desktop of the computer i am using to run Premiere Elements.

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          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          After you have created a project and it has been saved, you should be expected to be able to reopen the project with the

          project as before the save/close (some discussion about rendered files remaining rendered, but essentially as written).

          When they do not, we can invoke the damaged project syndrome.


          The following is an Adobe document on that subject.

          Troubleshoot a damaged project file | Adobe Premiere Elements


          If you are getting "Where is the file....?" messages when re-opening a saved closed project, typical reasons

          a. you have moved, deleted, or renamed files and folders that were imported into the project after the save close...when

          you import media into a project, all you get are copies of the originals in the project. But the project needs to trace back

          to the originals in the hard drive location where those originals were when first imported into the project.

          b. if you store your source media on an external hard drive, the external hard drive may be malfunctioning and/or the

          drive letter of the external drive changing for a variety of reasons. Does any of that apply to you.


          Please review and consider, and then we can decide what next.