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    TOC formatting is not correct


      Hi - I created a TOC style and used my styles to create the levels in the TOC.  It is formatting that fine, but there are weird spacing throughout the document.  For example:


      I have it set up like this:

      Lesson Titile

         Topic Title

                SubTopic 1

                     SubTopic 2


      What is happening is that for some Lessons the pages are fine, in other lessons the Lesson title is on (example page 2) and the Topic-level and sub-topic level are on the next page even though there is PLENTY of room where the Lesson title is. Help.


      TOC issue.png

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          CarinTMCLG Level 1

          Whenever I have this problem, I often forget that I have to go back into the document and look for the culprit and sure enough, something about the formatting is always wrong! So try that first. It could be your paragraph style or another style. The TOC is being asked to grab something, so the problem usually lies there. Is there a ton of spacing in that particular paragraph style? (either spacing below the lesson title style, or spacing above the topic title style). One thing we did at my former job to avoid this problem was to have special paragraph styles just for the TOC. You may have already done that but I wanted to mention it. For example, we would have a style called "subtitle" to use in our book, but the corresponding TOC style would be named "TOC subtitle", because undoubtedly you are going to want a different look for the TOC. Sorry if that's already something you did. It's hard to know without seeing what you're working on. Hope I could help. Also double check everything in your TOC window. I have missed things there, too, because it can get complicated!

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            CarinTMCLG Level 1

            Hi croman1. I have been so curious what the problem was. Did you figure it out? I should have also asked if that large space was also there when you have one long text box rather than two. That could indicate where the problem lies.

            Let me know what you found! I'm always looking for InDesign tips since it's such an in-depth program!

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              croman1 Level 1

              Still trying to figure it out.  Looked at the spacing in the styles and there in no large gaps indicated. I will let you know what I come up with.  I have to get the document out the door, so I did not have time to play with it so I manually corrected it temporaily