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    After Effect 13.1.1 will not render on iMac

    Don Lampasone

      When I try to render on my iMac AE 13.1.1 just sits and waits.  I've tried trashing preferences.  That doesn't help. 


      I've been using AE CC with no issues.  Although, I do notice that in CC the render engine seems to wait for about 5-15 seconds before it starts.  On my mac Pro at work there is not lag at all in either cc or 13.1.1. 


      Also, I've tried rendering multiple projects that work just fine in CC.  Actually I've tried to render about 15 projects so far in 13.1.1 with no luck.  I can work up to the render point, then I have to save the project as 12.2 and go back into CC and render. 


      Any help on this would be appreciated.


      My iMac is relatively new, 2013, and has 32GB of Ram, 2GB graphics card.  Like I said everything works just fine in 12.2.