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    64 bit windows 7

      I have a 64 bit system with windows.


      I have tried a number of times to install adobe flash. There are a number of exe programmes in my downloads folder. when I click on an exe programme, the installer shows that the installation is in progress, then it shows it has finished installing successfully, but it does not work. I then check that flash player is in the programmes folder. It is not. I have been to the help page and used the tool on that to check that the programme has been installed and it confirms  that it has not. I have done this at least a half a dozen times.


      I have no idea how this can be resolved!


      Any advice would be welcomed.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Flash Player is not a program, it's a browser plug-in. without details like what browsers you use nobody can tell you much. The plug-in could simply be disabled for security reasons or being blocked by your firewall/ virus scanner.