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    html numbering gone wrong - why?




      I a desparate for some help. In fact I have thought about moving to a new Desktop publishing package.


      I want to produce a Kindle document.


      But soon I realised there was something wrong with the epub file. My headings went wrong after a while and my numbering of lists stopped resetting back to number 1 and then counting from that.


      In Indesign all looks good as I designed it. If I export a PDF it looks exactly how I like it.


      So then not knowing really what I am doing I exported to HTML and looked at that. The HTML is  wrong so it is not surprising the epub doesn't work and therefore the Kindle doesn't work.


      I did an experiment when I exported I select for "Numbers" -> "Convert to text" now the HTML looks good. The numbering and formatting is correct. The heading styles are appropriately formatted.


      Please could someone tell me what I am doing wrong.


      I would so much appreciate it.