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    Not Loving Adobe Send!!!


      I have been a SendNow customer for several month and find it quick and easy to use. The fact that it is still available saved me this morning. I had to send a client 40 PDFs totaling @ 100 megs.  Initially Adobe Send would not upload the PDFs giving "Error 404" messages.  On the second try it said it had uploaded the files, then froze up with the gray screen. Same thing on the third try.  On the fourth try it apparently uploaded the files and said they were sent but the client never got them.  Of course on each try I had to re-insert all the files from various locations and re-type the message to the client.


      I finally gave up and went back to SendNow and the same files were out of here and to the client within a few minutes.  Adobe must know this thing is not working properly.  If it is not fixed by the November 18 cutoff date for SendNow I fear I will have to take my business elsewhere.  Does anyone know if Adobe has a support phone number?