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    Feature request - Vector export for all CC customers (free or paid)

    Lopesco Level 1



      This is a fantastic tool, that can replace or add really much to the field already covered by Adobe Ideas. It just need to do all the job as Ideas do: export a professional and useable vector file.

      I understand the need of prospecting more customers to the CC service, but it can be done in several other ways. As a professional illustrator, and a huge user of the iPad as a creative tool, not always I need to rely on Adobe Illustrator to finish any job (when I need of it, is just for type work, and I am already using a CS6 version for it, with no intentions - read $$$ - to change for CC by now). My suggestions are:


      a. the addition of this simple export feature (maybe even by e-mail as Ideas do), for free - it would be really kind of Adobe's part ;

      b. not being possible this feature addition for free, make it a paid app, but complete in terms of export options;

      c. or include the vector export feature as an in-app purchase (in both cases I would be paying for it without thinking twice, and I'm sure many other people too).


      That's it. I hope this little - but EXTREMELLY IMPORTANT - request could be implemented as soon as possible in a future update.