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    After Effect CC 2014 crash (0::42)

    theohfoza Level 1

      Hi all, I have a new computer and I have downloaded the trial of Adobe After Effect CC 2014. After the installation, I have started the program and the program crash. I have 3 error messages:


      1st. Gyazo - 3deb053efe91d6018e1285b185188fe1.png

      2nd. Gyazo - e4e4e3fdd10456da076f8c37c9c97372.png

      3rd. Gyazo - 15ebe2d2c152926c6a17005e157a5bcb.png (Adobe After Effect stoped run)


      I really don't know what need I do. I search in google, adobe forums, french forums, youtube, daylimotion and I found nothing......


      Here is my configuration : http://www.ma-config.com/fr/configuration/1_resume


      Please can someone help me ! Thanks a lot.


      - FoZa


      Ask for more infos