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    Smart-Collection (metadata status) not updated immediately

    GarfieldKlon222 Level 1



      I created a smart-collection that matches photos where their metadata status has changed on file system. So I changed the date with ExifToolGui (*click*). Closed the ExifTool and waited in LR 5.6 to see the smart-collection populated. But nothing happens. Photos only were added to this collection if I navigated to them in the library. Only the visible ones were added, so if I scrolled down, more photos were added. That's not really useful. And now, not even with navigating to them will put them in to that collection.


      Other smart-collection for metadata changes in LR works like a charme.


      Restarting LR doesn't help.

      Windows 8.1 64bit


      Does someone have an idea or can reproduce that behavior?