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    Lightroom to Photoshop CC noise/sharpening workflow question


      Most of my images I process 100% in Lightroom.  HOWEVER, I do at times need to send and image from Lightroom over to Photoshop CC to finish.  Then when finished in CC the image goes back to Lightroom 5 as a TIFF.   My question is should I apply sharpening and noise reduction in LR5 prior to sending the image to CC?  Or should I apply sharpening and noise reduction after the end of the round trip to CC and back when the image arrives back in LR5 as a TIFF.  And yes I have tried a number of different ways.  I have tried sending the same image from LR5 with sharpening and NR applied as I would if I were finished. I have sent the same image over to CC with just the default sharpen and noise settings AND I have zeroed out the settings.  I sent all images to CC as 16bit TIFF.   I tried those various ways and have gotten mixed results.  So I was looking for someone with expertise as to what the best procedure is to take when using this workflow. 

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Getting mixed results is normal as it depends on the initial image and what happens in PS.  If you’re changing the overall toning or local contrast in PS then the noise will be different and probably needs more tweaking afterwards.


          I would generally go part way toward my final Detail settings in LR, then do what I have to do in PS, then do more in either PS or LR as appropriate.


          What I usually do in PS is use Smart Sharpen after I’ve resized down to whatever my final size is—usually my screen size for desktop wallpaper, because I like how PS SS works, an in that case I’ve probably done all my Detail work in LR and only do the resize and SS in PS.