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    time constrain alert/alarm

    ojodegato Level 1

      I am working with a time constrain of 10 minutes per photoshop file.

      I work with several open documents at once,

      Is there a way to assign a photoshop alert or alarm to the active document to signal the 10 minute limit?

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          xbytor2 Level 4

          You can't do this with straight JS. You'd have to do a Flash panel or whatever else they have for doing persistent panels.

          Or you could just run a script in Bridge and have it send over code to execute an alert every 10 minutes. This would actually be the simplest solution.

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            ojodegato Level 1

            Thanks for getting back!

            I like the Bridge solution. If I understood correctly your suggestion. I would use Bridge script which will send a photoshop alert 10 minutes after the photoshop file was opened via Bridge. The Bridge script would execute the time count once the file opens in PS.

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              ojodegato Level 1

              I am trying to edit the following code which I found in the forum to set up as an alarm.

              The code works but it takes over photoshop making it unavailable while the script executes.

              This is probably due to the sleep() method.


              Any ideas how to set  up an alert/alarm that displays after 10 minutes from document open time?


              #target photoshop



              var startTime = new Date();



              delay(); // do some thing here


              var endTime = new Date();



              // Milli-seconds to seconds

              alert((endTime - startTime) / 1000);


              //10 seconds

              function delay() {