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    HELP! LR deleted off my pc


      I just did an update on Lightroom, i bought it last year and have only updated it a couple times.  Well, i updated it and all of a sudden its no longer on my computer or in my products in my adobe account! Im on a deadline and need it back asap! Can someone pleassseeee help!

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Give us a detail or three or four.

          What is your operating system?

          What version of Lightroom did you update to? What version was it before? How did you do the update?


          If you say its no longer on your computer, how do you know, what did you do to determine this fact? Did you search for it using your operating system? If you go to Control Panel/Programs and Features (that's the Windows 7 location, its different for other operating systems) is it listed there?


          Where did you buy it from? Did you register it?