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    RoboHelp Server

      Hello Everybody,

      I am currently evaluating the RoboHelp Server 6 and i am having issues for not able to setup the project correctly.

      Here is the configuration i have

      Windows XP Professional with Sp2
      IIS ver 5.1
      RoboHelp Server 6

      Steps i have followed:

      Installed IIS
      Installed RoboHelp6
      Installed RoboHelp Server6
      Added users to Publishing and Report default groups
      created a virtual directory with the help content
      chosen the Home Directory of the default website to point to the help content folder

      Problem is

      After i configured the RoboHelp Server, i.e., selecting the default website and database (default mdb), I was not able to see the Project under the Project order area.

      Am i doing anything wrong here? Please advice

      Thats only one issue

      I would like to resolve these issues one at a time. So i would eagerly wait for your great support. Please do share your experiences and expertise in this matter. Many Thanks