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    in-camera settings to camera raw


      Is it possible to export the in-camera settings to camera raw in CC?
      Back when i have CS3 camera raw did read my camera settings and started with showing them as standard when i opened my raw files.....

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe reads the camera setting of white-balance which is specified in an industry-standard way, but mostly camera settings are only appropriate for the camera manufacturer’s raw converter in camera or in their software.


          Adobe has their own raw converter which has its own settings.


          What you may be referring to is the Profile in the Camera Calibration tab that defaults to Adobe Standard but for some models of cameras you can change to Camera Standard, Camera Neutral, Camera Portrait, Camera Landscape, etc, depending on whether Adobe has developed these simulated camera mode profiles or not for the model of camera the raws are from.


          Is this what you’re talking about?   You can set ACR to have a different default profile than Adobe Standard, but you cannot have ACR read the camera settings for a profile and select the simulated profile automatically.