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    backup copy of assets after import

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      The backup location for the Lightroom Vault is on a network drive. That drive must be mounted after restarting the Macintosh. I don't always do that before starting up Lightroom. When I get done importing a bunch of images from the cameras, I get an error message that says "those files could not be copied to vault or backup location." Okay, my fault, silly me. But now that the vault and the main location do not have the same content, is there a way to get Lightroom to do copy the missing files over tp the backup vault location for me?

      Back up photos during import



      • If you’re copying or moving photos into the catalog, you can create a one-time copy, or backup, of the original photo files. In the File Handling panel on the right side of the import window, select Make A Second Copy To and specify a location.


        Note:You still need to regularly back up your photos and catalog. For more detailed information on backing up Lightroom, see Back up a catalog.