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    MacAfee What!! What!! Whaaat!!!


      Dear Adobe,


      The level of hate I feel for you as an organization, as a result of my most recent 15 minutes of existence is all consuming.

      What exactly is it that makes you FOCKTARDS think this is acceptable? I install your (already pretty abhorrent) product because unfortunately the entire planet still considers flash to be something worth using for rendering websites, which it isn't, it is more of a pain in the arse than anything. Next thing, McAfee Security Scan "Plus" is downloaded AND installed on my system, with no option to opt out.

      Even if you gave me a choice in whether McAfee is downloaded (that's MY DAMN bandwidth) and installed, I would still not use your piece of garbage SPYWARE security scanner. I use ESET NOD32, which beats everything out there. MacAfee and Norton can suck my nuts!!

      For this reason alone I declare that if you work for Adobe and upon reading this do not immediately either or both:

      A) Impact your line managers face with a heavy object then resign in disgrace. (I can only imagine it was these ******** that decided to force this upon people with no opt-out)

      B) Jump from a tall building

      Then you are a terrible human being and deserve the pain of continuing to work for this company that overprices every product they make and underpays all of their employees. Now I have to sit here and uninstall some piece of crap, half assed AV package that probably won't uninstall cleanly. This is equivalent to being stuck at some mandatory event and being served a free sandwich that not only tastes like **** but is injected with the EBOLA virus, I don't even have a choice. Where was the opt-check box A-HOLES?? I really hope the world figures out that flash is a giant piece of antiquated, bloated **** and eventually drops it entirely, because trust me, besides how annoying Java Updates are...the 30 Adobe Flash updates I have to do a day can suck my dick also. Do you ******* update this **** hourly? Seems like it sometimes.


      Lastly the fact I cannot even email your god damn company without paying to do it really tells of how garbage your customer service is and how low you regard your customers. Go hava sex witha yourself!!


      P.S. Adobe Acrobat SUCKS DICK as an application and there should be international sanctions against PDF as a file format.





      A devoted fan of your company!!! HAR HAR!!