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    I can't get video to loop exporting an OAM file and importing into Muse. Seems to ignore all triggers.


      I've tried everything I can think of, but triggers are ignored. I've tested in Safari and Firefox so far. Tested in Muse Preview. Tested in An. Nothing is paying attention to the trigger I have set up.


      I've used a label to get it to loop back to the beginning. I've used zero to get it to loop back. I've searched the web, YouTube, and here looking for answer none will fix this. No errors in the error box BTW. Been back to Lynda.com re-re-viewing videos. All seems fine, but it isn't.


      Website is here: http://www.moviesandfx.com. The animation on the home page is what I want to loop. It plays okay in Safari, has mixed results in Firefox. Not sure yet about IE, I'm on a Mac.


      I'd love to hear ideas to fix this. The workflow is An—>OAM export—>Muse "place"—>Muse publish to ftp.


      Thank you,