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    Colour history bug

    gec78 Level 2

      If you grab a colour out of your history, then alter it the new colour isn't saved to the history. As the colorpicker has been removed (very annoying), it makes it almost impossible to recreate a colour created in this way. Can this get fixed (or better, bring back the picker)

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          Jose Wong Adobe Employee



          I have tried to reproduce this behavior but cannot reproduce this problem. After picking a color, changing it through the "Color Wheel", and making some strokes in the canvas, I can see the new color in the "Color History", please see attachment :






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            gec78 Level 2

            I have worked out when this issue occurs. It is when you select a colour and use press to fill. If you draw, then it does indeed go into the history, but if you fill only, it does not. Thanks

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              gec78 Level 2

              I would still really like to see a colour dropper introduced. It's still a lot quicker than using history and makes it a lot easier to pull colours from photos rather than having to go through the convoluted process of adding to Adobe Color and syncing (which only works if you have an internet connection)

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                William Eisley Adobe Employee

                Thanks for reporting this issue with Draw's color history. We'll log the bug and get it fixed!