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    Writing custom action/script for a button in Indesign CC




      I'm in the process of creating an interactive PDF form using Indesign. I've already added elements such as text boxes, drop downs etc. The functionality that I'm trying to add is that once the internal staff have filled the form, picked their name from the 'Staff' drop down, the Staff drop down needs to be removed/hidden and selected value from the drop down needs to displayed as a label. The idea is that when the customer receives the form, they don't see all the drop down options. They only see the name of that staff member.


      I've previously achieved this with a combination of Indesign + Adobe Livecycle. Now that I'm trying to add the interactive elements directly in InDesign, I'm completely lost on how to achieve this.


      A prompt response from any of the Indesign scripting experts out there will be really appreciated.