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    How to centre element on stage?

    ianloh123 Level 1

      Hi community!
      i'm having trouble trying to centre an animation on my stage. The "centre stage" function centres my stage relative to the browser window but i'd like my element to be centred within the stage. I eventually intend to export this as oam for my muse site.


      Here's the files if anyone would like to take a crack at it. It's basically a collage of buttons. I currently have them all individually animated to a fixed position, but wat i'd really like is for the buttons to animate to the centre of the stage from their respective positions every time. I found some js/jq/css(?) here, here n here but i've no idea how to fit it in.


      Also, i'm not sure if centering the animation would create new problems when the user scrolls the stage while the button is still active, ie will the reverse animation still return the button to its original position?


      Thx for any assistance!