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    images in flickr are too red and saturated

    dbur971 Level 1

      I edit raws in LR in prophotoRGB and then export to sRGB jpg's.  This used to work fine but for a while now the images when viewed in firefox from flickr are too red and saturated.  This sounds like a color space problem but I have tried all the fixes and nothing makes a difference.  The images view fine in my other photo viewer apps.


      I did try setting firefox gfx.color_management.mode = 1 but it made no difference.


      Here is a screen snip showing the same file viewed in LR, ZonerPS and Firefox.  The one in the upper right is firefox (flickr) and is too red and saturated.  I get the same thing when opening the jpg direct in firefox.  The others are correct.  Not sure what it will look like on your system.


      What has happened?  This work flow used to work some number of LR and Firefox versions ago.  Thanks.



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          dbur971 Level 1

          I think I solved this problem finally.  I have two monitors (different).  I use FF on the wide gamut monitor but FF is not smart enough to know which monitor it is displayed on, though other apps do.  By setting the about:config/gfx.color_management.display_profile to the path of the correct profile for my preferred monitor it then works!  Hoo ray!

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            dbur971 Level 1

            Note it will now display incorrectly on the other monitor though.  With FF doesn't seem to be anything you can do about that.  Choose one or the other. (unless they are the same, which mine are not)


            A word about how this setting might be lost:  When FF slows down you might want to 'reset' your profile.  Re-check the about:config/gfx settings after you do that.  My problem occurred before I did a reset, so I'm not sure for me in this case why it worked before but then stopped at some point.