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    LR5 encountered problems reading this photo.




      I am working on a Macbook Pro, 8gb with 1 tb


      Recently did external back up.

      Mac was having issues so we ( IT guys ) did a clean install and only brought back in basics.

      ( I was on LR3 and PSE9 ) but we didn't bring it over as mirror copy because there were so many other items on Mac I didn't need.

      I bought Mac with LR3 and PSE9 so I could not do upgrade,

      I instead started the trial today, so we could merge from the external the images to Pictures. ( so it was on external in pictures and now on os-x pictures )

      So LR5 brought all my catalogs in, I even got smug mug to find its catalogs. , but now I am getting ! on every image.

      I have selective chosen the image from external and moved it to OS X  pictures folder.


      Why am I getting the ! on the images. When I right click the ! I get error, LR has encountered problems reading this file.

      when I click find in file folder I get a tiff picture with a loop on top and if I click that I get this... Item “untitled-8547-Edit.tif” is used by OS X and can’t be opened.


      one thing I did just notice is the date on the tiff says, Jan 24th 1984 3am 0 bytes tiff image.   ( what the heck? )

      now the image right beside it to the left is the image ( I can actually see ) and it looks good.

      why is finder bringing up a bogus tiff ?


      Thank you for your help. Need to be up and running. Need these ! gone , please help.