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    Input lag and sticky brush - OS X 10.10

    benanderson89 Level 1

      I’ve recently updated to OS X 10.10 and two issues have reared their ugly head.


      When using any brush with my Wacom Intuos 4L, lifting the brush from the digitiser, Photoshop will still register the brush as active and continue drawing a line, albeit with 0 pressure. I have to click out of Photoshop or onto any of Photoshop’s other GUI elements in order to deactivate the brush. This happens very frequently and is highly frustrating. With some brushes I don’t even realise its happening until I start drawing elsewhere on the canvas, causing a perfectly straight line to catapult itself across my drawing.


      Secondly, there is severe input lag when trying to draw. I’ll set the pen against the canvas and start drawing, but there is a split second delay and a line will appear where I originally started drawing and, again, catapult itself to the pen’s current position.


      This only happens in Photoshop. Any other graphics package does not have these issues.


      What can I do to solve this issue?


      Thank You



      Photoshop CS6

      Mac OS X 10.10

      2012 MacPro