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    Installation of McAfee security software as opt-out needs to stop


      I understand that Adobe speculates in the stupidity of the people, and may get paid handsomely for all those morons who forget to uncross the option to install the McAfee security product.


      But wouldn't it be a gracious move of great humanitarian value to make this option an opt-in?


      The best reasoning would be that stuff like that creates a tremendous amount of hate for McAfee, which clutters countless computers across the world due to the need for everyone to run Flashplayer. Ask any marketing specialist and they will tell you that McAfee is shooting itself with a strategy like that. It might generate clicks, traffic and market share. But you build a brand by offering a good product, not by almost-forcing everyone to use your stuff. Ask how this worked out for the likes of Sachsenring Trabant or Lada...