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    BUG: Cannot amend a file name when exporting an image, without overtyping

    AUKL_andi Level 1

      I've raised this on 4 bug reports now and had a live chat and been recommended to post this here.


      I've even gone to the trouble of screen capturing the bug as its hard to explain as the text explanation is confusing:


      When you select the file in the file view to get the name to appear in the file name input box, the name appears in the input box and  becomes highlighted.

      If you then click on the text to de-highlight it (as I want to amend it with a _v2 or _v3) as soon as you do ANY key press the whole text in the input box gets re-selected, meaning that any further key presses type over the file name.


      I then end up with a file name called "v2", as the underscore causes the selection and the V2 types over.....FRUSTRATING!


      This happens on all of our machines win7 and 8, but not in ANY of the other Adobe cloud programs. It seems like a simple FOCUS bug in the UI coding.


      Here's the video:

      Adobe Flash Issue - YouTube