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    Trigger animation on scroll


      Hello you all!


      This must be a very simple task that i cannot perform by any means!


      i've read Re: Getting an Animation to start when you scroll to it on the page. , Delaying an Edge Animate asset until visible (linked somewhere on a post in this forum) and my problem persists.


      It's a very simple thing. I have a logo pin at the top of the site, created with Edge Animate (the reason why, it's because the animation is for the logo to shrink).


      The end result with be to on scroll down, the animation trigger (or play frame by frame would be ideal). But i simply can't do it... i can have autoplay, click to play mouse hover and so on... But on scroll it gets nothing! I don't know if it's Edge Animate related or Adobe Muse related...


      Any assists would be super


      Thank you all